Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Husky Biting - How To Handle The Behavior

If you're trying to curb a Husky biting problem in your puppy, then this article will be of interest. Specifically, we'll cover why Huskies bite, handling biting in young puppies, and handling biting in older puppies. This information will assist in curbing your Husky's undesirable behavior.

Huskies and other dogs will bite for mainly one simple reason. They bite in order to seek out dominance within the pack. You may be human, but your Husky still sees you as a part of his pack. He is basically trying to seek submission when he bites you or other family members. If you permit your Husky to dominate the household, he can and will become a problem when he reaches maturity.

Even in young puppies, you need to discourage Husky biting. You are probably familiar with the nipping and mouthing behavior in young puppies. Because many owners may think this behavior is cute while their Huskies are young puppies, they fail to recognize the potential danger that it can escalate to when the dog reaches maturity. No matter how cute this behavior may be when dogs are puppies, it must be discouraged regardless as permitting it will lead your Husky to think that he's leader of the pack. Although it is best to stop Husky biting in younger puppies, it can still be managed in older puppies.

In older puppies, this behavior is no longer cute and becomes obnoxious. Older puppies will still seek submission through play-biting. Show dominance so that he respects you as the alpha. Use humane methods of showing dominance, such as eating before him, entering doorways before him, and making him move out of the way instead of going around him. No matter what age your puppy is, Husky biting can be stopped.

It is crucial that you stop your Husky puppy's biting behavior, no matter what his age, so that the problem will not escalate when he gets older. It is much easier to prevent biting in puppies than it is to correct potentially dangerous biting in adults. Apply the principles in this article to stop your Husky's biting before it becomes a real problem.

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