Sunday, August 22, 2010

Husky Chewing - How To Handle This Behavior

If you have got a Husky chewing problem, then this article will be of interest. Specifically, we'll discuss why Huskies chew, an easy way to handle puppy chewing, and an easy way to handle chewing in adult Huskies. If you apply the concepts in this article, you should be able to control your Husky's chewing.

Before attempting to eliminate the problem, it's important to understand why Huskies chew. Chewing is simply a natural tendency in all dogs. Puppies will chew because they're teething. Older dogs may chew because they're anxious or out of boredom. An anxious dog will find the action of chewing soothing and will try to release tension that way. No matter what the reason, chewing is completely natural for dogs.

It's quite simple to handle puppy chewing. You'll definitely want to offer your puppy a lot of chewing toys. Avoid giving him old shoes or slippers as he will not be able to tell the difference between shoes or slippers that he should and should not be chewing. In order to reinforce this behavior, praise him when he chews on appropriate items. Your puppy will learn soon enough what items he's allowed to chew on.

An adult Husky chewing problem is handled very similarly to how puppy chewing is handled. Again, make sure that he has lots of chewing toys. When you catch him chewing something that he shouldn't be chewing, distract him with a "No!" or a loud clap. Replace the item with something appropriate and praise him for chewing on that one instead. Huskies in particular respond well to positive reinforcement and after several repetitions should learn what is acceptable to chew.

Husky chewing can be handled easily with this basic strategy. Although puppies may not chew for the same reasons as adults, the method to redirect their chewing is the same. Focus on using positive reinforcement to teach your Husky what he can and can't chew.

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