Sunday, August 22, 2010

Husky Crate Training - Tips On How It's Done

If you want to learn about Husky crate training, then this information will be of interest. We will discuss the importance of crate training, preparation, and tips on how to crate train. Use the information in this article to start crate training your Husky right away.

Not only is crate training an especially effective tool, it will also aide you with other areas of training. When done properly, it will provide your Husky with a safe environment where he can retreat to for relaxation. It will also give you the flexibility of transferring this training to other situations, including trips to the vet, car travel, and vacations. Crate training can basically eradicate nearly all behavioral problems. It has no drawbacks and is highly recommended to be a part of your Husky's training.

Husky crate training is simple in that there's little preparation involved. Obviously, you'll need a crate. The correct size is very important: it needs to be just big enough for your Husky to stand up, turn around and lie down in. You may also want to make the crate more comfortable by placing a pillow or blanket inside and perhaps a toy or two. Be prepared to have patience and to do lots of short training sessions with your Husky, as repetition with positive reinforcement are the keys to training your Husky. You can begin training your Husky right away after making these preparations.

The actual training process is fairly basic. The first thing you will want to accomplish is to lead your Husky to the front of the crate (with door open) and then give him a treat for being close to it. Next, you'll want to teach him to go inside the crate. To begin doing this, walk your Husky to the crate and point your finger inside the crate. It's also helpful to toss a treat inside to entice him to go in. Once your Husky is inside, praise him. Repeat this until your Husky is accustomed to going inside the crate.

The next step is to gradually increase the time that your Husky is inside the crate. You'll want to keep reinforcing your Husky when he is inside with the door closed by praising him and giving him treats. Do not let him out of the crate if he whines, scratches or howls since this will teach him that those behaviors will get him out of the crate. Always carry out the training slowly, as rushing the process can result in unwanted behaviors.

Husky crate training can only benefit you and your Husky. The importance of crate training can't be outweighed. With a little preparation, you can easily begin training your Husky right away. Put these tips to use to start training your Husky.

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