Sunday, August 22, 2010

Husky Digging - How To Handle This Behavior

Is your Husky digging non stop within your yard? If so, then you will want to read the next few paragraphs. You will see that accomplishing this is really quite simple to do if you are aware of why Huskies dig, why you should not completely stop this behavior, and the way to redirect this behavior. With the principles in this article, you should be able to rectify your Husky digging problem.

It is a good idea to be aware that digging is a very instinctive and normal behavior in all dogs, before attempting to correct it. In the wild, canines will dig holes as reserves for their food. They will also dig to find cooler earth to lay in and for a secure space to give birth to their pups. That's why you will find that your Husky digs more frequently in warmer weather. Quite simply, dogs may also dig because it is enjoyable or because they are bored. Either way, digging is a natural instinct in dogs and shouldn't be completely untrained.

You do not want to stop Husky digging completely for a few reasons. For one thing, it's a natural instinct in your Husky; training him to go against his natural instincts is obviously very difficult. Not to mention, even if you do succeed in training your Husky not to dig, when the heat is on, he will probably dig anyways. Secondly, they get so much enjoyment out of digging that you might as well focus on redirecting his behavior instead. So to save yourself some headaches, you will want to redirect the digging instead of trying to eliminate it.

Redirecting your Husky's digging is a very simple process. First, choose a designated spot in your yard for your Husky to dig in. Use a sandbox-like area and then encourage him to dig there. Praise him when he digs there. If he digs in another spot, call him over to his spot or calmly walk him over to it and praise him when he starts digging there. Until your Husky has been well trained to dig in the designated spot, you should supervise him while he's digging. Soon enough, your Husky should learn where digging is appropriate.

Husky digging doesn't have to be a completely frustrating problem if you understand how to handle it. Understand that digging is a natural behavior, and that you should not try to completely eliminate the behavior. Instead, focus on redirecting your Husky's digging to an appropriate area. If you put this information to use, Husky digging should become far less of an issue.

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